ABB enhances high power charging experience for EV drivers with next-gen Terra HP charger

ABB's next generation 350 kW Terra HP delivers a premium charging experience for growing number of EV drivers across North America, with better ease of use, faster, quieter charging and intuitive touch screen controls.

ABB - global technology leader and official title partner of the ABB FIA Formula E World Championship - continues to enhance its top-selling Terra HP charger that offers an elevated high power charging experience for EV drivers, and a variety of customization options for charging operators.

The latest Terra HP generation of charge post is an evolution based on ABB’s commitment to continuous improvement of user experience. It delivers increased ease of use with extended cable reach and enhanced cable retraction system, continuous high-power charging performance at even lower noise levels and high visibility intuitive touch screen and lighting for easier nighttime operation.

ABB US EV data

Building on more than a decade of e-mobility experience, with more than 400,000 electric vehicle chargers installed across 85 markets globally, the Terra HP generational evolution has focused on improvements such as lengthening cable reach with a supportive retraction system for more flexible handling and convenient use with all vehicle inlets no matter where they are situated on an EV.

This enhanced technology, comes as global electric vehicle sales have exceeded 10 million, and it is predicted that by 2025, 30 per cent of all new vehicles will be electric. In the United States, 2 million plug-in EVs are now traveling the nation’s highways.

“The highest touch points for users of EV chargers are typically the cable connectors and the charge session interface, aspects that are extremely important to driver convenience and comfort,” said Bob Stojanovic, Director of EV Infrastructure in North America.

“ABB is delivering the fastest charging rates available to drivers in North America, with design enhancements that include lower noise levels, improved visibility with more lighting options, and larger HMI touchscreen size.”

ABB New York City E-Prix

ABB's New York City E-Prix launch

ABB’s launch of the Terra HP in North America coincides with the ABB Formula E New York City E-Prix on July 10- 11. The ABB Formula E Championship series is a proving ground of e-mobility innovation across the vehicle to charger, and charger to grid energy system.

Growing interest in vehicle electrification matches the increasing popularity of the ABB FIA Formula E Championship series, showcasing the impressive power and technological capabilities of battery-electric vehicles while serving as a testbed for electric vehicle charging technologies. Those technologies, like ABB’s Terra HP, push the boundaries of what’s possible today for the vehicles of tomorrow.

“Like ABB Formula E, the Terra HP has redefined what it means to deliver ultra-fast charging over millions of successful charge sessions,” noted Stojanovic. “ABB’s mission is to accelerate transportation electrification while continuously improving the experience for both drivers and charging operators.”


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